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Top Ten Fall Classes!

Our catalog is full of many great classes and workshops (and don’t forget our Parents’ Press award-winning classes for kids), we’ve highlighted a few we don’t want you to miss!


Social Media for Artists: Get an introductory artist’s guide to using social media as a promotional tool for your work and your brand.
Printmaking Extravaganza: Learn various types of printmaking: carve linoleum, experiment with collagraph, drypoint, and monoprinting.
Color Theory: Learn color theory through painting a still life object from life.
Encaustic Hot Wax: Learn to use a beeswax-based painting technique that was first practiced by the Greeks in the 5th century.
Experimental, Expressive Drawing: Express yourself and your personal form of handwriting.
Stacking Rings: Design and create a series of rings that interact with each other harmoniously despite their differences.
Patterns and Color: Weave with sumptuous wool yarns and learn techniques for blending colors, using solid or multiple colors together on a single bobbin and using techniques unique to tapestry weaving.
Bookbinding: Learn structures, techniques, and materials of bookbinding.
Slipcasting: 3D Collage: Get an introduction to making clay multiples with plaster molds.
Calder Circus (Ages 6-8): Be inspired by the magic of Alexander Calder’s 1927 Circus to create dioramas, small wooden figures, animals and other fantastical creatures.


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