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We made Squarecylinder’s Best of 2015 List!

Mildred Howard What_Came_First_USE THIS
Mildred Howard, What Came First, 2007, plastic building, chicken head 11 x 16 x 9 1/2”

We’re proud to announce that Mildred Howard:”Spirit and Matter” show we exhibited from March to May 2015 made Squarecylinder’s Best of 2015 list!

From the website:

“Howard,” wrote Jeff Kelley, “is trying to hold something together in her works, some moments of recognition, perhaps, when keepsakes become art; when vernacular speech becomes titular and punny; when the given histories of found objects cede to the emergent content of the artist’s process; when family storytelling combusts into modernist black magic; when incongruous juxtapositions of objects and media become easy exchanges of history and memory; when an artwork asserts its aesthetic privilege while remaining open to worldly influence. Howard has been waiting alertly for decades for the objects in the studio to tell her what to do. She recognizes their metaphoric potential in relation to each other, the way words and images add up to a story. Then she ‘tells’ them.”


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