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Doitshā Lexington

Doitshā Lexington

About: Summary: Acrylic Paint, Watercolor Pencils, Tissue Paper, Craft Paper, Crayons and Colored Pencils on Canvas, T-shirts, Glass, Paper and some Suns have been created in Ceramics

This is my inspired Art, they are creations of God’s Suns.

They were created from recurring dreams that I started having in 1994 and for me as they were being created there was a presence of Kindness, Smiles of Joy, Happiness, Peace of Love and many more words to express them. No two are alike and the face of the Suns have a meaning behind each one and a name. Some of the names that have been created were, Sun of “Now is the Time”, Sun of “You Can” and Sun of “Happiness”. The Lips on the Suns is a heart shape highlight of Love!

My work has been displayed and sold at The Caldwell and Community Galleries, Fine Arts Galleria – Carry the Light and Three Books are located at the Sketchbook Projects Brooklyn Art Library.

The sun is the entertainer in the sky it makes us feel better, people look for the Sun to come out and the Sun represents a New Day, Encouragement and it gives you Hope! Among the Moon and Stars the Sun is the one who has the most characters, personalities and many faces. No matter what you are doing in this life, the Sun is involved and it embraces your life with all the energy that you have and gives you more than you expect.

One of the comments from a Customer that purchased the Suns said to me, “There is nothing more Refreshing and Cheerful to wake up and see that Sun smiling at you!”

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“Send me a word that brings you Hope and I will create a Sun based on it!”


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Sun of SuperNatural 16×20 – $100.00

Sun of Delight Thyself 22×28 – $100.00

Sun of Joyness 18×24 – $100.00

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