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Jason Byrd

Jason Byrd


Name: Jason Byrd
Age: 29
Origins: Philadelphia, PA
Presently: Oakland, CA
Occupation: Teacher

Jason Byrd’s process is an ongoing investigation of the human condition, What are we? From where do we come? Where are we going? He explores themes such as the black family, systemic racism, toxic masculinity, the education gap, consumerism, and capitalism. Byrd tends to work in series. Using a variety of mediums and visual styles he doesn’t ascribe to a singular mode of expression. Constantly drawing from the world around him, many of his works and series incorporate the idea of repurposing and realizing multiple interpretations, or perspectives, in of every inch of life.

Byrd graduated in 2014 from Trinity College with a BA in studio art.


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About the Black Boy Fly Series:

“What am I to do when every neighborhood is an obstacle…when two buls making it out had never sounded logical…three buls making it out? That’s mission impossible.” -BlackBoyFly, Kendrick Lamar

Inspired by WH Johnson, Jacob Lawrence, Kendrick Lamar, and Kobe, I set out to create paintings that celebrated movement, sport, color, and the black body.

Humbubblegum (Baseball)

Joga Bonito (Soccer)

Be The Light (basketball)

16″x 20″

Acrylic and Spray paint on Canvas
$395 (each) W/0 Shipping or Framing

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Instagram: @Jasonbewhy


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