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KaliMa Amilak

KaliMa Amilak

About: KaliMa Amilak is an Afro-Caribbean photographer, and multidisciplinary artist native from Brooklyn, New York. In their experience as a photographer, they have sold and exhibited artwork in various galleries in Brooklyn, and in the Bay Area such as SOMArts, The San Francisco Human Right Commission Center, and The Richmond Arts Center. They have also been published in online publications such as AFROPUNK, and recently will be having a billboard mounted in Brooklyn by SafeArtsSpace. Through their movement in art, they are devoted to self expression and celebration for black queer people sharing their life experiences as a means of healing through empowerment.


More info: The images submitted is from a recent series, “CHRYSALIS,” a poetic photography series that portrays the complexities of what it may be like to internally reset in order to grow while sheltering in place during a pandemic. This series is not for sale.

You can see more of my work and purchase my work on my website. You also can see current work or updates on my Instagram @kalimaamilak, or contact me at

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