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Raven Harper

Raven Harper

About: I am an African American artist who works primarily in printmaking, painting, fiber and ceramics. I love to do African inspired art and sculpture. I like the fashion from Africa and the graphic designs. I want to make quilts inspired by African cultures. I think it’s good to make stuff from the old days. Because people don’t make those things anymore. I think it’s good to bring back old styles of art and craft. Art is about remembering for me. It comes to my mind that we should remember our ancestors. It’s about the things you have that you can be thankful for. I remember Dr King and Rosa Parks and the old ways and the way they showed us. There is power in learning history. Celebrating Black hair is important to me and exploring it in my clay sculptures of Black people. Black cultural icons are important to my practice also, especially Aretha Franklin. Aretha inspired a lot of people and showed herself in a good way.

I think I am a beautiful artist. I would like to end my statement by thanking all of my facilitators at NIAD for supporting me.


More info:

1. “African Mask” (S0113) glazed ceramics 4 x 9 x 3” $80
2. “Rosa Parks” (D8329) serigraph on paper 16 x 13” $40
3. “The Doll” (S0321) embroidery on fabric, polyester stuffing and mixed media 16 x 8 x 1” NFS

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