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Raymond L. Haywood

Raymond L. Haywood

About: I am an abstract expressionist painter. Improvisation and color are the essential elements of my abstract seascapes and landscapes. Dominant motifs and inspiration for my work are land, sea and sky. I have recently begun incorporating cowrie shells as emotional avatars into my paintings.

Painting is the praxis that facilitates an entry point to share my unique gestural drawing style and historical content, creating a visual diary of my emotional terrain. Drawing and distressed or layered surfaces provide a foundation for the memories my paintings evoke.

I create large scale paintings on wooden panels inviting the viewer into my physical space to explore my action style of painting.

Abstract Expressionism, Action and Color Field painting and the improvisations of Jazz are both muse and foil to my dynamic surrealist landscapes.


More info: I am a painter who sculpts with color and texture. Wooden panels are my ground and paint is my voice, I extract memories of my interior emotional landscapes and present them as paintings.

My travels to Australia, Tahiti and New Mexico have informed the essential element that light manifests in my paintings. Distressed wood surfaces covered in vibrant gestural color and textures provide provide a glimpse of a moment in time crystallized in acrylic paint.

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