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Sienna Forde

Sienna Forde

About: My name is Sienna Forde and I am a 27 year old American born, Caribbean bred black artist living in California. I was raised in Tampa, Florida, educated in Miami, Florida and self-actualized in San Jose, California. My medium of choice is variations of acrylic on canvas which I may choose to embellish with 3-dimensional objects like crystals and geodes, feathers and foliage. I started out doing mostly portraits, which have proved to be meticulous yet rewarding. I now focus mainly on acrylic pours which is concentrated more on feeling during the process and evolution thereof which is then, in turn, translated to the final product. Sometimes I go into my creative zone with a vision for the outcome while other times, the final product comes from adapting throughout the progression.

As I grow as an individual, my motivation has waned and wavered but the creative explosion that happens on a canvas always seems to find its way back to me. I have always been drawn to art, whether it be spoken word, doodles or calculated pieces. I grew up with a house full of men so talking about feelings wasn’t really a thing which is why I spoke through creation. I wanted to go to art school out of high school but my father wanted me to pursue a career that would provide more compensation than that of a “struggling artist”. For that reason I ended up in Miami where the urban and cultural art is rich. No matter how much I focused on building my career and my life outside of creating, the hunger would continue to build to the point of imbalance and a form of satiating artistry always reemerged. Everyone has their life to live and it is easy to get caught up in adulting but what people need to also remember to embrace are the aspects that ground us.


More info: The best method of contact will be through my Instagram page @sspilledmilk. On my page, I feature the pieces I am working on as well as finished commissioned piece. I am opened for commissions currently.

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