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Val Kai

Val Kai


Being exposed to Art and the Art world is how Val started. First she began studying Music then Dance and painting. Along with these endeavors, there was her camera. Her camera was present from High School on. Ever present, Photography slowly became her main vehicle of expression. 
Creating, capturing and preserving moments, documenting the Bay Area Black Experience, is Val’s overall artistic vision. All facets of her work present a world of images. A world where she creates, shares and grows.

While always working to perfect and expand her traditional/digital skills, Val dabbles with mixed media. Taking her images and converting them into canvas, creating multiple images in 1 frame or using color in unusual ways. 


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#1 / TITLE: Drum Is A Woman
SIZE / DESCRIPTION: 20×30, B&W print on canvas, w/ naked frame
TAKEN: 10/2018
PRICE: $500

TITLE: The 2nd Line
SIZE / DESCRIPTION: 11×14, B&W print, w/ 16×20 frame
TAKEN: 1/2020
PRICE: $300

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