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Yasmin Sayyed

Yasmin Sayyed

About: The images submitted are part of Internal Landscapes, an ongoing series of paintings exploring the inner workings of the psyche. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in art, and there learned to render representational depictions of people and things; however, in the lens through which I perceive the world, abstract expressionism best lays out my internal schema of dancing with nature and divinity, and with outcries wedded to hope, agency and human decency.

Sweeping colours juxtaposed to tight enclaves of textured details speak to the nuances of my being and becoming fully human. Here, visual tension and melodic movements reside in the marrow of my bones alongside jazz and the blues, alongside moans of I can’t breathe and sunlight dancing through thickets of trees. Jazz, the blues and abstract art, to me, is where intellect boogies to the door of the heart knowing it speaks her mother tongue.

My name is Yasmin Sayyed, I am a visual and poetic artist, an expressive arts therapist, a trainer of social service professionals and an unapologetic socialist. I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I divide my residence between the bay area and South Lake Tahoe. I have exhibited my work in the greater SF bay area, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, NYC, the Tahoe Basin and Nevada, and authored an ethno-autobiographical book about painting with the splendour of spirit.


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1. Mother Earth is an acknowledgement of she who gives us sustenance and to whom we owe caretaking. 22″x30″, $2,000 original, $700 print on canvas
2. Brave Joy depicts a bold daring to know and embrace positive anticipation and joy in life. 22″x30″, $2,000 original, $700 print on canvas
3. Internal landscape illumines travels through internal schemas found in dreams and meditations about nature, 22″x30″, $2,000 original, $700 print on canvas

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