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Artists Featured in Making Our Mark

As the Richmond Art Center celebrates its 80th Anniversary year, it is preparing a major exhibition in tribute to its history and its mission. The exhibition, Making Our Mark, looks to artists who have had a history with the Art Center: artists who have exhibited, supported, and enriched the programs over the years. In selecting these artists, we reflect on the scope of interest—media as richly varied as painting, ceramics, fiber, sculpture, and photography—and themes as diverse as the cultural backgrounds at the foundation of the community.

We have also asked each of the invited artists to put forward a younger artist: someone whom they have taught or mentored or whose work they have felt should be shown and promoted. This, too, is in line with our history and our mission—giving voice to new artists and opening the galleries to new visions. We have presented the artists as they will be paired.

Christopher Brown and Megan Atherton


Christopher Brown
Oil on canvas, 2008-2016
80 x 110 ½  in.
Courtesy of the Artist
Megan Atherton
Grass is Greener
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2016
17 x 22 in.  
Courtesy of the Artist


Squeak Carnwath and Dru Anderson


Squeak Carnwath
Big Tiny
Oil and alkyd on canvas over panel, 2012
75 x 65 in.
Courtesy of the Artist
Dru Anderson
Five Years I
Chalk pastel on paper, 2016
13 x 18 ½  in.
Courtesy of the Artist


Enrique Chagoya and Yvette Deas

Enrique Chagoya
Untitled (after Yves Saint Laurent)
Color etching, 2016
22 ¼ x 38 ¼ in.
Courtesy of Magnolia Editions and the Artist
Yvette Deas
American Pie
Mixed media on panel, 2008
48 x 60 in.
Courtesy of the Artist

Lia Cook and Kate Narker

Lia Cook
Woven cotton and rayon, 2013
72 x 51 in.
Courtesy of the Artist
Kate Narker
Exit Plan
Jacquard woven cotton, 2013
18 x 24 in.
Courtesy of Jack Fischer Gallery and the Artist


Allan deSouza and Shari Paladino

Allan deSouza
Scratch Series: Farrah
Digital print, 2007
24 x 18 in.
Courtesy of Talwar Gallery and the Artist
Shari Paladino
Transient Hypo Frontality
Aluminum sculpture and video installation, 2015
Dimensions variable, Duration: 1:01 min.
Courtesy of the Artist


Mildred Howard and Johanna Poethig

Mildred Howard
I’ve Been Witness to This Game IV
Monoprint/digital and chine collé, 2016
20 ½ x 15 in.
Courtesy of Shark’s Ink and the Artist
Johanna Poethig
Password Houdini
Spraycan and oil on Pellon and wood, 2016
60 x 48 in.
Courtesy of the Artist


Hung Liu and Michael Hall

Hung Liu
Zhan Ma – War Horse
Oil on canvas, 2011
80 x 80 in.
Courtesy of the Artist
Michael Hall
Oil on canvas, 2015
12 x 9 in.
Courtesy of Realreal Art Collection


Bruce McGaw and Scott Hewitt

Bruce McGaw
Oil on canvas, 2013
66 x 85 in.
Courtesy of the Artist
Scott Hewitt
Family Portrait in a Boat
Oil on canvas, 2013
48 x 72 in.
Courtesy of the Artist


James Melchert and Ethan Caflisch

James Melchert
Vertices for Dancing
Broken and glazed porcelain, 2016
24 x 24 in.
Courtesy of Anglim Gilbert Gallery and the Artist
Ethan Caflisch
For Holding
Acrylic, chalkboard paint, brass brads on canvas, 2016
36 x 30 in.
Courtesy of the Artist


Richard Misrach and Sofia Córdova

Richard Misrach
Untitled, 2012
Archival pigment print, 2012
Printed 2016
60 x 80 in.
Courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery and the Artist
Sofia Córdova
¡Auxillo! ¡Socorro!
Installation, 2016
Gouache and acrylic on magazine, newspaper, and photographs, 2012-2016
Courtesy of the Artist


Deborah Oropallo and Nathan Dollarhite

Deborah Oropallo
Photomontage and acrylic on wood panel, 2015
58 x 48 in.
Courtesy Catharine Clark Gallery and the Artist
Nathan Dollarhite
Oil on masonite, 2016
13 ½ x 13 ½ in.
Courtesy of the Artist


Richard Shaw and Ehren Tool

Richard Shaw
Still Life with Open Drawer
Porcelain with overglaze decals, 2013
33 x 13 ½ x 14 in.
Courtesy of the Artist
Ehren Tool
50 of Thousands
Stoneware, 2016
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the Artist


William T. Wiley and Mary Hull Webster

William T. Wiley
Goat & Raven Chewin the Corner
in Whack & Blight
Acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 2011
61 x 73 ½ in.
Courtesy of Hosfelt Gallery and the Artist
Mary Hull Webster
Steel, wood, plastics, carpet, light, sound, mixed media, 2015
40 x 60 x 32 in.
Courtesy of the Artist


Wanxin Zhang and Nicholas Makanna

Wanxin Zhang
What a Fantasy World
Fired clay with glaze, 2015
78 x 25 x 20 in.
Courtesy of Catharine Clark Gallery and the Artist
Nicholas Makanna
Ruin I
Glazed ceramic, 2015
13 x 11 x 10 in.
Courtesy of the Artist


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