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City of Black and Brown Solidarity

This limited edition poster was created by a local Richmond artist from the Liberación Gráfica collective, a group from Richmond composed of artists, educators, and community members that create work to uplift social justice, the Richmond community, and young people’s voices.

As the Black Lives Matter movement has drawn global attention following nationwide demonstrations calling for an end to police and state sanctioned violence on Black lives, artists and activists have been mobilized in finding creative ways to support this work. This 8 color print City of Black and Brown Solidarity was created in response to this ongoing systemic oppression and racial injustice. 

Highlighting the City of Richmond as fertile ground for cross cultural solidarity between Black and Brown lives, the image invites the community to reflect on the ways collective power is needed, and the ways we can fortify each other in the journey towards liberation.

Posters are being distributed to local businesses and nonprofits in support of this urgent message.

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