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ENOUGH: Photo Portrait Session

ENOUGH: Photo Portrait Session

Saturday, February 18, 2pm-4pm

Richmond Art Center, 2540 Barrett Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804


Artists Anne Wolf and Lisa Levine invite you to become part of their ENOUGH Considered portrait project and receive a digital copy of your ENOUGH portrait.

The photographic portrait series created as a collaboration between artist Anne Wolf and photographer Lisa Levine synthesizes the material/somatic and non-material/language/rhetoric of ENOUGH. A simple writing exercise invites participants to reflect on this word. 

Each participant is then invited to choose an ENOUGH stamp and apply it directly to their body as a starting point for an embodied gesture of ENOUGH, as a means of healing an old wound or violation, a message of boundaries/protection, or a means of sanctifying one’s own sense of abundance.

This the first of the Enough Photo Sessions to be held at Richmond Art Center as part of Wolf and Levine’s ENOUGH Considered project which will be presented as an exhibition in the Summer of 2023.

Top Image: Photographs by Lisa Levine

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