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End in Sight


End in Sight

Three Artists’ Bittersweet Journey Through a Pandemic

Online Artists’ Talk: Thursday, June 24, 7-8pm PST CLICK HERE TO RSVP

Online Exhibition: June 2 – July 8, 2021

Three artists – Elishes Cavness, Tiffany Conway and Marva – will discuss their journey through the Covid-19 pandemic in a special online artists talk on Thursday, June 24, 7pm to 8pm. These three Richmond artists have studios very close to each other, and over the past eighteen months have developed a special bond. As Cavness says, “We are a unique three. We’ve supported each other. We’ve been in contact. We created a community of three.”

Presented here in conjunction with the artists’ talk is an online exhibition that represents the artists’ journey through the pandemic from beginning to middle to end in sight. Cavness, Conway and Marva will use the lens of this artwork to discuss their experiences as both creatives and caregivers during the artists’ talk.

(You will receive an email 30 minutes before the event starts with a link.)



Elishes Cavness: Elishes became emersed in the craft of telling stories and exploring African heritage through art. Through this exploration, he searches for his ancestors’ origins while highlighting the adornments of each tribe he reflects in his paintings.  This lead to his first solo exhibition, Adornment, at Contra Costa College Gallery.  Elishes has had several shows and now curates the Bridge Gallery, where he emphasizes that all voices and points of view are essential to the advancement of art, not just the mainstream.

Tiffany Conway: Raised in the Bay Area, Tiffany Conway grew her creativity from life experiences. The textures found in Conway’s pieces represent the skin and the scars of life coupling color as language. Even though her work displays the beauty of others, what lies behind that initial layer are parts of her personal story of evolution. Her mission is to heal women through her paintings by displaying them as seen, heard, soft and resilient. In 2020 Conway won an Artistic Achievement Award for her work in Art of the African Diaspora. She had her first solo exhibitions at Bridge ArtSpace and Shoh Gallery in 2021.,

Marva: Marva is a ceramic artist who creates figurative sculptures based on African history and culture. She says of her work, “With African features there are so many ways to show them. They are so expressive and those of African descent I hope can relate to the clay sculptures by seeing themselves or others in them. The hair is always combed in ways to show the texture of it, the lips and nose are full and very sensual. The skin coloring rich with the colors of the earth.” Marva also works as a curator, and recently has organized exhibitions at CoBiz Richmond, Bridge ArtSpace. She is on the steering committee that organizes the annual event Art of the African Diaspora.


This series of four online monthly zoom talks highlights the work of Richmond artists and their peers. Recognizing that the Covid-19 pandemic has severely limited opportunities for artists to present their work, RAC LIVE utilizes virtual platforms to show how artists are showing up, naming this moment and moving forward. 


This Artists’ Talk and Online Exhibition are part of RAC LIVE, a project supported by a 2021 Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grant from the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission.

Top image: Tiffany Conway, Zany Zoom, 2021



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