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WCCUSD 50th Annual Student Show

The West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) Student Art Show is an annual collaboration between the school district and the Richmond Art Center and this year we are celebrating a milestone 50 years. The exhibit features work by more than 200 students, illustrating their diverse visions and individual creative voices. These works are not only testament to the creative talent of each student, but also showcase the artistic and educational excellence that WCCUSD art teachers continue to uphold. Over the years many of these students have carve a productive creative professional career honing their creative thinking skills that are instilled in the arts.

A historical component of this exhibition, open through May 24, will showcase ephemera and works by former students who became well-known artists or art teachers.

As part of the 50th Anniversary, the Art Center is proud to exhibit a sampling of the artwork of past and current art teachers and students, many who have proudly extended the creative practice into their adulthood, which will be open through May 24. For this showcase, we have selected former students who either have furthered their artistic career or who have or are currently teaching art in the school district. Former students who have contributed to the artistic profession, include: Dennis Oppenheim, John Toki, Jared Gutierrez and Steve McMillan. Past Teachers like Kim Wong, Susan Wehrle and Mario Ferrari have left their mark on hundreds of students while current art teachers, Daphne Schrampf, Jan Barzottini, Steve Mainini and Jun SoYoung, continue to inspire hundreds of students to take risks and explore their imagination through art making.

Also on display are children’s art dating before the Art Center’s collaboration with the School District back to the 1940s and 1950s, which are on loan from the Richmond History Museum. These exquisite tempera paintings represent the importance of art education in everyone’s life no matter at what age. Arts education provides the critical thinking, communications and creativity skills essential to 21st century success.

The Richmond Art Center is proud to have hosted this exhibition for five decades. We continue to maintain our vision that arts education is a crucial component in the creation of a thriving and robust society.

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50 Years of Honoring Young Artists at the Richmond Art Center, KQED Arts, March 30, 2015

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