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Figure ‘n Color

Learn how to accurately and ethically depict Black art models with the help of instruction given by Black artists. In this workshop series, Black visual artists will work with professional Black art models posing live to lead workshops where they will share their insights and personal practices and professional visual artists.

Instructors will cover varied topics including portraiture (how to render African phenotypes and Black facial features), the many shades of Black (how to create African skin tones), and Black hair (from braids to head wraps). Poses will vary and range from gestures, portraiture, and longer poses. The model may be nude, sparsely clad, costumed, or a bit of all of the above depending on the workshop focus.

Individuals of all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join every Figure ‘n Color workshop.


Richmond Art Center has dedicated scholarships for Black community members interested in taking these workshops for free. APPLY HERE


Figure ‘n Color is an art model–led figurative drawing experience that highlights and celebrates the diverse Black body. Curated as a cultural learning event, Figure ‘n Color is a hub for models and artists, providing resources and instruction on how to accurately and ethically render Black artist models.The curators of Figure ‘n Color are Black fine art models alluris-michele and Titania Kumeh.

Titania Kumeh (she/her) has worked as an artist model in the Bay Area and beyond for more than a dozen years. She is a board member in the Bay Area Models Guild, the longest running art model–led collective in the United States. When not posing and organizing her own figure drawing events, Titania enjoys screaming at benefit shows with her punk band Big Freak. She’s into writing and creating performance art about her African-Caribbean origins and her first-generation experiences. She loves hanging out and striving towards Black queer liberation with friends. See some of her work on Instagram @titaniaartmodel

alluris-michele (she/her/they) is an intuitively led creative visionary, curator and art model. Their art modeling journey began in Atlanta, GA, where they transitioned off the modeling stand and began curating model events such as Nudtopia, Pangea’s Garden: AfroSocial held at the famous Apache Cafe. alluris-michele is a Bay Area native and a member of the Bay Area Models Guild. They also have a practice as a professional model coach and coordinates the musical lineup for the music and art festival, Afro Rythmia. alluris-michele’s connection to their ancestors is the driving force behind their life, their creative expression and their personhood. You can follow alluris-michele on Instagram @theealluringone

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