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Barbara Stikker


About Barbara Stikker’s work: “I work in both intaglio and relief printmaking media, and I choose to recreate natural themes, particularly birds. I like the bold and graphic patterns created by their feathers. My work presents an intimate look at the wildlife that live in our Northern California habitats and beyond.”

About Barbara Stikker: “Although my college and post-college education made me an attorney, my heart has always been with art. I have been taking printmaking classes and workshops for almost 14 years at San Francisco City College, College of Marin, Crown Point Press and Kala. I have been in exhibitions in a number of venues around the Bay Area, in Los Angeles, in Bend, Oregon and in Rochester, New York.”

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Colleen Garland Pottery

About Colleen Garland Pottery’s work: “I make pottery that is functional, with brightly decorated, illustrative surfaces. My pieces tend to have surfaces that are warm and colorful with nature-inspired etchings. I primarily make tableware and other everyday, useful items.”

About Colleen Garland: I grew up in Richmond and have been working with clay for eight years. I teach wheel-throwing pottery classes and think it’s the best job in the world! My dearest clay ambition is to one day make my own full-sized, functional, wood-fired bathtub.

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Raccoon Crossing

About Raccoon Crossing’s work: “I use up-cycled materials used for day to day functional items. I started by selling coat racks made from wine barrel staves using rail road spike heads as the hooks and then I used the leftovers from the spikes to make bottle openers (all from the Point Richmond area).”

About Art Schmitt: Art has been a “maker” and tinkerer most his life and being semi-retired, he is taking advantage of the time and over 35 years collecting “raw material.” Working out of his home in San Leandro, he scours Craigslist for free items he can reuse or re-imagine, also while commuting to Richmond or taking nature walks with his family, he is constantly looking for “more stuff” to use (like the rail road spikes he uses that were found around Point Richmond). He also likes helping his two kids with props for their cos-play.


About HollyPapercut’s work: “I have a line of 3D paper art, papercuts and wood inlay. I create the graphics and design for each step in the process.”

About Holly Peters: I live and work in the Bay area as a graphic designer. My training is in printmaking, photography, illustration and book arts and these all form the underpinning of the work produced.

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Ruraq Maki


About Ruraq Maki’s work: “Our products are made by incarcerated women in Peru and rural traditional weavers in Bolivia using traditional materials and techniques from the Andes. All our products are hand embroidered and hand woven by the women and they are paid fair trade standard wages. All the proceeds from our products go back to the women.”

Ruraq Maki is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit that creates economic opportunities for low income female artisans working with traditional crafts. Through fair trade practices and educational workshops Ruraq Maki creates a bridge between artisans and a global market, creating a world where women are economically and socially independent. Currently we operated the Yanamilla Prison Project for incarcerated women in Peru and Manos Independientes for rural female weavers in Bolivia.

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Yuzu Soap

About Yuzu Soap: We specialize in handcrafted bath, body products featuring modern and minimal designs. Our products are all handcrafted in small batches in our Fremont, CA studio. We use premium ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oils, natural clays, yuzu and essential oils.

About Lauren Shun: I founded Yuzu Soap in my kitchen back in 2016. I’ve always loved arts and crafts and picked up soap making as a hobby, and also found that the homemade bath/body products were much gentler for my sensitive skin and eczema. Since then, my mission has been to design and make high quality, natural products to share with the broader community.,,

Smit & Zig

About Smit & Zig’s work: “Our work is full of bright fabric and patterns as well as different textures. We also love to experiment with new patterns and ideas. Our hope is that our products bring a little brightness and fun into people’s everyday lives.”

About Sarah and Kate: Originally from the East Coast Sarah and Katie have been living in the Bay Area for six years. The goal is that their work leaves you with a smile on your face. While they are often coming up with new ideas to experiment with you can always find bright colors and patterns that brighten up your day.

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Artisans at Mooseworks

About Artisan at Moosework: “I am a jewelry maker, working with many techniques and materials: glass and semi-precious beads, metals (hand made ring chain, wire wrapping and metal smithing techniques), kumihimo and crochet. I like being regularly surprised by my own materials and finding new ways to put elements together to create mostly one-of-a-kind pieces. I describe my process as “creativity through chaos” to illustrate the jumble of materials I surround myself with when I’m working to design new pieces.”

About Donna Jadis: Donna has been making jewelry for 15 years, starting with a simple project to make an interesting necklace for a special pendant. It’s grown from there to a passion and her main creative outlet, as well as a craft business that meets the modest goals of the artist/founder: “sell jewelry, buy more beads!”

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Tequila Stingray Jewelry

About Tequila Stingray Jewelry’s work: “I hand make Silver Jewelry and Lapidary work in Oakland, California and at the Richmond Arts Center. I focus on making every part of my pieces, including choosing the stones, which I cut from raw slabs. My work can be characterized as using traditional techniques to bring to life new ideas.”

About Shane Bergman: I am an Oakland based metal head/metal smith. I became a Jeweler to follow one of my Grandfathers talents and keep the family tradition alive. I love dogs and being in nature.

Stephen Bischoff

About Stephen Bischoff’s work: “I will be selling hand built ceramic items: sculptures, vases, bowls, dishes, etc.”

Stephen is a full-time mental health advocate and a very part-time aspiring ceramic artist.

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