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Hats and Spats

About Hats and Spats: “Fun, fanciful and freaky hats, gloves and accessories. We’ll keep you warm and looking awesome. Something for everyone, from the sweethearts who love critters and toons, to the depraved who love monsters and zombies.”

About Nancy Northern: Nancy has been knitting and crocheting since she was wee, and passed her skills on to Casey when she was in college. Nancy likes to look for inspiration and marinate on her ideas, Casey likes to fly by the seat of her pants. Nancy loves babies and toons, Casey loves animals and horror.

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An Astrid Endeavor

About An Astrid Endeavor’s work: “I design and create hand embroidered, beaded jewelry and home decor in my home studio in San Francisco, CA.”

About Astrid Reichenbach: Astrid is a local Bay Area maker who incorporates hand embroidery in jewelry design and home decor. Her background is in the Arts, Cultural and Medical Anthropology and Expressive Art Therapy.

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Regina Brital


About Regina Brital’s work: “I produce a variety of medium sized functional pieces. Several of my creations are embellished with surface design. I would classify them as artistic yet functional.”

About Regina Brital: “Despite having experience with many artistic mediums, I have only been doing ceramics on and off for about 4 1/2 years. Although native to California, I have been in Richmond for only a few years, having returned after a decade in New Mexico where I first was exposed to the fun of ceramics. I spend most of my time being a stay at home mom to my two sons.”

Karen Smith Metal Artist

About Karen Smith’s work: “I am a metalsmith,jewelry artist located in the East Bay. I work in precious metals [sterling silver and 14k gold] and augment with high quality gemstones and other media. I hand fabricate wearable art in the form of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. In addition, I make malas and other kinds of prayer beads from precious metals and traditional wood accented with sterling silver. I am also introducing small vessels [boxes, bowls, etc.] in the coming months.

I make sterling silver jewelry [sometimes accentuated with 14k gold]. I hand-hammer, forge, wire wrap, bezel set, fold-form and otherwise manipulate precious metals that are accentuated with high quality gemstones, cowrie shells, bone, horn and occasionally, herkimer diamonds.”

About Karen Smith: Karen is an East Coast transplant though she has lived in the Bay Area now for 20 years. She came to this artistry after major life changes; as a self-taught artist, the joy she receives in using her body to create beautiful and functional items is unmatched in her adult life. She is also a certified mindfulness facilitator and consultant and brings the practice of mindfulness to the work she does. Karen’s motto is: mindfulness + function + beauty.

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EGChu Handcrafted

About EGChu Handcrafted‘s work: “I will be showing handbound books, journals, block-print greeting cards, jewelry and sock creatures. I often use recycled materials to create my whimsical and functional items. I use traditional bookbinding methods combined with modern and recycled materials for my books. I carve slabs of rubber and also create beeswax collages to make greeting cards. Glass and metal beads and mahjong tiles are some of the materials in my jewelry. I also convert socks into plush toys.”

About Elaine Chu: Elaine is an an artist/educator with a background in graphic design and music. She is a co-author of “Wood, Paper, Scissors,” a how-to crafts book. Her work has been published in Greencraft, Somerset Studio Gallery magazines and a number of art books.

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Ben III Ceramics & Wood

About Ben III Ceramics & Wood’s work: “I integrate functional ceramics with unique, whimsical imagery with a narrative content. Most of my ceramic pieces are porcelain. I seek to connect and engage the viewer in my work.”

About Marilyn Gee-Cartright: Marilyn is a longtime ceramicist, who has lived in the Bay Area most of my life. Her choice of medium, clay, has allowed her to challenge myself in both 2d and 3d. This emphasis has allowed her to reach a diverse audience.

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About TIMMY MAYS’ work: “I’m drawn to many mediums, but lately I’ve focused on leather and finding ways to build functional, wearable pieces. I have a background in traditional illustration and have been working with leather for almost 10 years. I take inspiration from my ancestry, human anatomy, patterns and shapes, reptiles and the surreal.

All of my pieces use leather as a medium, including jewelry, small goods, accessories and bags. I incorporate original, hand painted artwork into most of my wearable pieces and some small leather goods. I use a combination of hand techniques (hand cutting, hand stitching, hand painting and so on), plus manually operated tools and machinery. Every piece begins and ends with me, from initial design to final packaging – I’m a solo maker.”

About May Lo: May discovered her interest in art when she was in grade school. She received her BFA in Illustration and Animation from San Jose State University, but did not pursue a career in art. Instead, she found herself working in the mass manufacturing of various products, mostly in the fashion industry.

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Rabbit Studios

About Rabbit Studios: “Every item you make should be art. From the dolls, paintings, and aprons we make to the novels we publish; all items are given the same attention and higher standard of quality than you would buy in a retail store. We also like to give people more than what they paid for in enjoyment and quality. This way, it gives buyers a closer connection to your piece and lets them know they made the right decision patronizing you.”

Alexander James behind Rabbit Studios: “I graphic artist and animator, I’m now venturing into more fine art. I believe that art should have an accessibility to the average person and shared with all so that they may learn and experience what I feel when I make it. Even though I am trained as a graphic artist, on my Etsy site I am offering the physical art that I like to create.”

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Moon & Leaf

About Moon & Leaf’s work: “My jewelry is crafted by hand with love and an eye for beauty. Bronze, silver, gemstones and vintage findings are combined to create pieces that link elements of nature and spirit to the power of personal expression and self adornment. I believe that everything is connected from the tiniest leaf to the moon in the sky and my pieces are meant to remind the wearer of their connection with this great mystery, of the beauty that resides in them and in all that surrounds them.”

About Kristin Satzman: Kristin studied art history and photography at UC Santa Cruz and spent many years as a fine art photographer exhibiting and selling her work around the country.  She transitioned into jewelry design 6 years ago, starting her own business and selling her designs in local stores, art festivals, as well as online. She has been teaching precious metal clay workshops for 3 years and just taught one for the first time at the Richmond Art Center.

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Maizera X Nopalero

About Maizera X Nopalero’s work: “Hand made books as journals. Made by screen printed fabric and traditional book binding methods.”

About the artists: Francisco and Agana are bay area artists based in Richmond CA. They both have found their spirit vegetable and have been moved to make art work that revolves the Maiz & Nopal (Corn & Cactus) They create a pattern using the spirit vegetables and other symbols of foliuge and silk screen them on to fabric and then later bind journals.

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