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Secor Hardware Company

About Secor Hardware Company’s work: “While restoring our old bungalow in Richmond, I found it difficult to throw out the old growth wood, and started collecting it in order to repurpose, into something new and useful. I love the process of milling and uncovering the beauty and unexpected imperfections, and have found ways to showcase that beauty with small, distinctive woodworking projects. The pieces are all unique, miniature artworks from nature, meticulously crafted to highlight the splendor of the timber.”

About Patrick Secor: Patrick is a longtime Richmond resident and sometime RAC volunteer. He practices woodworking in his spare time and has designed wearable and functional pieces for people who appreciate the beauty of natural wood. Since exhibiting at the 2016 Holiday Art Fair, his skills, passion and commitment to woodworking has grown exponentially.

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Jenny Windler Jewelry

About Jenny Windler’s work: “Jewelry — torch fired enamel on copper and fine silver, mixed with precious and semi-precious gemstones, set in hand-fabricated sterling silver settings; created by using traditional metalsmithing techniques.”

Jenny Windler is a jewelry maker based in the San Francisco bay area. all of her work is cut, formed, soldered, enameled, and finished by hand in her studio. Her love for functional objects, industrial design, and architecture, blended with daily observations of chaos, decay and the natural world play a major role in informing her jewelry designs.

Visit the Jenny Windler Jewelry website and Instagram page.

Sacred Paintbrush Arts

About Sacred Paintbrush Arts’ work: “I sell hand-painted wooden earrings, hand-drawn, decorated journals, hand-painted handbags, prints of my paintings and photographs, hand-picked mountain sage and photo gifts such as desk calendars and greeting holiday cards. All of my items are hand-crafted and handmade.”

About Amy Alaman: I believe in art as a spiritual practice, create wearable art for sacred adornment and expression, love photography and lead intuitive painting workshops. I believe that everyone was born to create, so I use my own artistic expression to convey that to others, and lead intuitive painting workshops to help people heal and reconnect to their intuitive creative selves.

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Slow Burn Glass LLC.

About Slow Burn Glass’ work: “My designs now take form as functional vessels, such as bowls, drinking glasses, vases and platters. I also create plenty of decorative and seasonal items, like pumpkins and ghosts for fall. Everything I make is by hand using the same methods glass blowers initially developed in ancient Rome, using simple wooden and metal tools, and even damp paper to manipulate the molten glass.”

About Bryan Goldenberg: Bryan was born in St. Louis, MO, a ceramic student in 1995, he discovered his true passion was in hand blown glass and never looked back. There is nothing Brian enjoys more than blowing glass.

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About JenniferLindermanArt’s work: “My work includes non-traditional color palettes in a contemporary style to illustrate a variety of themes including human, animal, and botanical portraits. I am influenced by objects of the natural world and enjoy weaving in colorful patterns to my backgrounds to add a bit of “pop” to the composition. I use photo references for many of my subjects and try to see how I can translate the local colors into my own vision.”

About Jennifer Linderman: A self-taught artist having just discovered my passion for painting and drawing around 4 years ago. Ever since then she have been drawing almost every day and have enjoyed the journey of improving her skills and discovering new subjects of artistic interest. Jennifer also owns “Origami Mami,” an after school program teaching elementary school kids the unique and fun art of Origami.

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Stonedog Lapidary

About Stonedog Lapidary’s work: “I work in stone, carving, shaping and polishing rough rock into finely shaped gemstones and wearable pieces.”

About Annie Gwathney: I am a nature lover and rock hunter. I source most stone myself or purchase from west coast miners or rockhounds.

Contact Stonedog Lapidary,

The Didi Jewelry Project

About The Didi Jewerly Project’s work: Our mission is to create beautiful jewelry while helping women in India create beautiful lives for themselves. We work with women who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by teaching them jewelry making and then selling their products.  The main goal of The Didi Jewelry Project is to provide these women with full time employment so that they are able to support themselves and their families and lead positive, confident lives.

About Laurel Gunnarson: The Didi Jewelry Project was founded in 2012 and works hand-in-hand with Aashiana, a non-governmental organization in New Delhi that serves those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Aashiana provides monthly food rations, children’s programs, AIDS outreach education, and emotional support to over 45 families. Through the sales of our jewelry in stores, online, at craft fairs, and through Peruvian Connection and To the Market, we are helping these women and other families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Visit The Didi Jewelry Project website.

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The Xocolate Bar

About The Xocolate Bar: “We use organic, fair trade chocolate couverture and all natural ingredients to make bonbons, bars, bark, sipping chocolate, figurines, marshmallows and more. We create unique recipes and always have plenty of vegan options available. We always choose organic ingredients when possible. Our clean recipes have earned us a membership in the Good Food Guild.”

About Malena Lopez-Maggi and Clive Brown: Artists and chocolatiers with backgrounds in jewelry, ceramics and glass, they discovered chocolate in 2006. They opened up The Xocolate Bar on Solano Ave, Berkeley in 2008 and have been making organic, fair trade chocolates there ever since.

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Lulu Accessories & Crafts

About Lulu Accessories and Craft’s work: “Handmade Jewelry using wire wrapping techniques.”

Melissa Sanchez is a Bay Area Native. She started making jewelry a year ago, last September. Melissa likes to learn new wire wrapping techniques to incorporate into her jewelry.

Visit the Lulu Accessories and Crafts website.

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Bird vs. Bird Designs

About Bird vs. Bird Design’s work:  A thoughtfully-crafted line of nature-themed gifts, paper goods and housewares. Using clean lines and bold, rich colors, my illustrations highlight the the beauty and charm of our native wild birds. I design and fabricate my products and packaging in my home studio in Oakland.

About Bess Petty: Bess is a native Northern Californian with a life-long love of the natural world, particularly wild birds. In starting Bird vs. Bird Designs, she brought together her studio art and graphic design backgrounds to create work that showcases the creatures she loves. By crafting products that are functional and affordable,  she hopes to make artwork approachable and part of everyday life, with each magnet or card reminding the recipient to notice and appreciate the feathered friends in our backyards and park

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