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Building Veterans’ Self-Understanding through Self-Portraiture

Special Reception and Artists’ Talk: Saturday, August 10, 2-4pm More info…

This large-group exhibition brings together Veteran self-portraits from the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County’s ABOUTFACE program. Over 100 self-portraits are presented, for the first time bringing together the numerous ABOUTFACE works created over multiple years of the program. Collectively the pieces form a ‘unit’ that represents the varied stories of Veterans transitioning from military to civilian life.

About the program: In 2015 the Arts and Culture Commission and the Physical Rehabilitation Service at Veterans Affairs Health Care in Martinez developed ABOUTFACE to improve the lives of California’s Veterans through arts programming. Based on the belief that individuals have the capacity to heal themselves, ABOUTFACE engages Veterans through painting workshops focused on artistic skill development and self-expression. The two-day workshops are team-taught by a teaching artist and a qualified therapist, with a Veteran coordinator present. Workshop activities include meditation, peer discussion, sketching each other and painting a final self-portrait.

Image: Dennis A. Giacovelli, Untitled (Self-Portrait), 2018. Second Class (E5) Engineman: Navy 1969- 71, Vietnam 1970.  





Parts Unseen

This exhibition brings together recent works by three artists who received the Spotlight Award for their work in the 2018 Members’ Show: Bill Abright, Jennie Braman, and Ruth Tabancay. While working in disparate media, these artists share an interest in transfiguring and deconstructing the human form.

An Artists’ Talk will be held on Saturday, June 15 starting at 11am. More info…

Bill Abright’s ceramic sculptures reveal chaos within recognizable figuration to explore the complexities of body-mind psychology. Through layering miniature thrown vessels, abstract shapes, and fragile stick-like limbs, he creates surrealistic composites that imagine how the essence of a form is the sum of many strange parts. The artist describes his work as a kind of clay-built stream-of-consciousness, “My best work doesn’t know its end in its beginning.”

Abright was introduced to clay by Bruce Duke at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton in the late 60’s. He completed his graduate degree at San Francisco State in 1974 working with Bud McKee, Stephen De Staebler, Joe Hawley, and David Kuraoka. Abright recently retired after 40 years teaching ceramics at the College of Marin. He has exhibited nationwide and his work is in collections including the Oakland Museum of California, the Crocker Art Museum, and the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. He lives and works in San Anselmo with his wife, the artist Claudia Tarantino. They have two sons who are artists, Oben Abright and Guston Abright.

Jennie Braman’s most recent body of work is based on an imagined group of beings she calls Gatherers. In starting with the idea that bodies are sites where stories begin, Braman’s work uses figuration to explore nonlinear storytelling. A sense of crossing – the artist calls it “leaping” – is built into her worldbuilding through techniques that include working with her non-dominant hand, using ink on a slow-drying resistant surface (Yupo paper), and combining text with pictorial imagery.

Braman is an artist and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is full-time faculty in Studio Art and Art History at Berkeley City College in Berkeley, CA, and served as Chair of the Art Program for the last decade. Braman’s current drawings investigate the nature of representation and the creative language of the body. She received her MFA degree from John F. Kennedy University, with a Certificate in Dream Studies, and received her BA in Art History, with a concentration in Women’s Studies at Williams College.

Ruth Tabancay trained as a microbiologist and in her creative practice uses techniques that include stitching, embroidery and felting, to recreate objects and organisms cell by cell with humor and poetry. She reveals both the extraordinary side of utilitarian objects – for example the wild threads of a nylon stocking – while also considering a darker side of what can’t be known with the naked eye alone. Her intricate series of embroidered Petri dishes uses colorful embroidery thread to illustrate the beauty of pathogens that include Mycobaterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis), Streptococcus pyogenes (strep throat, scarlet fever, impetigo) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (gonorrhea).

Tabancay’s passion for science led her to study bacteriology in college, and after a stint as a hospital laboratory technologist, she went on to medical school. After 11 years in private practice, she left medicine to study art. Her works refer largely to her previous studies in microbiology, anatomy, and geometry. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley; UC School of Medicine, San Francisco; and California College of the Arts. Her work has been exhibited in venues nationwide. Tabancay is a member of Mercury 20 Gallery in Oakland, and an active member of Surface Design Association and Pacific Rim Sculptors.

Images (l-r): Ruth Tabancay, What’s In You and On You: Normal Flora and Pathogens (detail), 2018 (Photo by Dana Davis); Jennie Braman, Untitled (Shadow #5), 2018; Bill Abright, Self Made Man, 2018. Courtesy of the Artists

Discontent with Brute Force Uploading

Richard-Jonathan Nelson’s solo exhibition examines how Black bodies and craft can be intermeshed to depict a speculative future. Through hybridizing traditional craft practices – like embroidery, weaving, and quilting – with digital art, Nelson’s work challenges the history of “uploading” Black Disapora as a monolithic culture; and reimagines the Black body as a place for futuristic progress. Nelson’s work draws reference from African-American low country herbalism, cybernetic Afrofuturism, and his family’s history working with fabric.

An Artist’s Talk and Gallery Walkthrough with Richard-Jonathan Nelson will be held on Saturday, June 29 at 11am.

About the Artist: Richard-Jonathan Nelson is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses textiles, video, and digital manipulation to create alternative worlds of speculative identity. His work is multi-layered, chromatically intense and mixes images of the natural world with reference to hoodoo, queer culture, and Afro-Futurism. Born in Savannah, Georgia (1987) and working in Oakland, CA, Nelson received his MFA from California College of the Arts in 2017. His work has been exhibited at Southern Exposure, Embark Gallery, Root Division in San Francisco, and Aggregate Space in Oakland.

Image: Richard-Jonathan Nelson, Untitled, 2019. Courtesy of the Artist

2019 Members’ Show

Exhibition Dates: June 11 – August 16, 2019
Annual Members’ Meeting: Saturday, June 8, 3-5pm More info…
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8, 5-7pm More info…
Artists’ Talk: Saturday, June 15, 11am-1pm More info…
Closing Party: Friday, August 16, 3-5pm More info…

Each year, the Richmond Art Center invites our members to participate in our annual Members’ Show, which is showcased in the Main Gallery. One of the oldest and largest non-juried member exhibitions in the Bay Area, this tradition presents a wide variety of media, styles, and subject matter by aspiring, emerging, and established artists, many of whom are colleagues, teachers, and students of the Richmond Art Center.

Participating Artists: Tarnel Abbott, Cassandra Adams, Maria Cristina Alvarez Magliano, Dahlia Armon, Ester Armstrong, Ned Axthelm, Debra Barnes, Kevin Barry, Wallace Bastein, Mira Benoni, Jim Billy, Andi  Biren, Priscilla Birge, Andrea Bishop, Bonnie Randall Boller, Francesca Borgatta, Linda Lee Boyd, Susan Brand, Stella Breslin, Edythe Bresnahan, Regina Brital, Clair Brown, Jim Bruce, Jessica Cadkin, Ron Calime, Lois Cantor, Suzanne Carey, Peter Carleton, Cherie Carter, William Clipson, Mort Cohn, Mary Lee Cole, Hélène Paulette Côté , Larry Craighill, Steven DeMello, Anne Dinkelspiel, Angela Douglas, Deb Dyer, David Edmunds, Emily Erickson, Gene Erickson, Niloufar Farzam, Claudine Feibusch, Donna Fenstermaker, Lorrie Fink, Nancy Freeman, Rita Gardner, Marilyn Gee-Cartwright, Carla Gelbaum, Elaine Gerber, Regina Gilligan , Kate Godfrey, Sally  Goldstein, Mara Greenaway, Hunter Harris, Katie Hawkinson, Laura Heid, Andrea Hendrickson, Jeanne M Hendrickson, Marilyn Hill, Susie Hodges, Paul Hofmann, Ann Holsberry, Susan Hybloom, Judith Jacobs, Lisa Jacobs, Mary Jeys, Dale Johnson, Bill Johnston Jr, Jessica Jordao, Laura Kamian McDermott, Omayya Kanafani, Rachel Katz, Diana Keevan, Betsy Kellas, Betsy Kendall, John Kendrick Jr., Destiny Kinal, Holly King, Lisa Krepela, Paula Kristovich, Carol Ladewig, Jill Landau, Diana Lawrence , Leah Yael Levy, Lois Lim, Marjorie Little, Karin Lusnak, Alix J. Magloire, Erin McCluskey Wheeler, Travis Meinolf, Teddy Milder, Kat Mill, Judy Miller, Barbara Moffat, Steven Morales, Gordon Morris, Jackie Mucha, Stephen Napoli, Fabiola Navarrete, April Netzer, Shamy Noily, Stephen Nomura, Fletcher Oakes, Owen Oakley, Karen Ondracek, Elmarise Owens, Shirley Parini, Edward Penniman, Susan Pulliam, Brian Randall, Lynda Reed, Marva Reed, Jeanne Rehrig, Jimmy  Reina, Virginia Rigney, Rebecca Riley, Hilda Robinson, LaVonne Rochon, Brian Rothstein, Tatyana Ryevzina, Shelley Salinero, Stephen Salinero, Jabali Sawicki, Victoria Sawicki, Louise Schiller, Jennifer Schmitt, Karen Schwartz, Osaze Seneferu, Saadi Shapiro, Susan Sharfman, Michael Shemchuk (Shem), Joyce Shon, Susan Shore, Steve Skaar, Allison Skidgel, Joseph Slusky, Leslie Smith, Maryly Snow, Christine So, Care Standley, Sophie Stathakos, John Steinberg, Joanne Sterricker, Frances Tauber, Leitha Thrall, George Tomberlin, Susan Tureck, Emily Twigg, Orlonda Uffre, Denise Vejby, Catherine Waller, Christine Walter, John Wehrle, Susan Wehrle, Barbara Welch, Andrew Werby, Tom Wetherbee, Gary Wilson, Nan Yarbrough, Dave Yoas, Fumiyo Yoshikawa, Clarie Young, Kate Young, Susan Zimmerman

Are you an artist participating in the Members’ Show? Click here for information and important dates

Top image: Mary Jeys, Waving Hand, 2018. Courtesy of the Artist

Above image: Installation of the Members’ Show 2018. Photo by John Wehrle

Siempre Estaré A Tu Lado

Jennifer Lugris paintings explore identity in terms of fault lines, fissures and pressure points. Lugris grew up in a house where asado was eaten with kimchi, and where dinner conversations seamlessly shifted from English to Spanish to Korean. As a first-generation American, born of immigrants with roots in North Korea, South Korea, Argentina, Spain and Uruguay, Lugris has a tremendous appreciation for the opportunities she has seized. She expresses this through paintings that capture moments, people and things from her life she does not want to take for granted.

Lugris‘ solo exhibition, Siempre Estaré A Tu Lado (I’ll always be by your side), includes a new series of portraits of herself, her husband and a placeholder work for her soon to-be-born daughter. These intensely fractured multi-panel portraits represent personal reflections on her growing family, the challenges of establishing new identities, and the possibilities for interconnectedness.

Siempre Estaré A Tu Lado is the selected exhibition for the Exhibition Proposition 2019.

Image: Jennifer Lugris, El Rey, 2018, Mixed media on canvas

Siempre Estaré A Tu Lado

Galería: Galería del oeste
Fechas de Exposiciones: 30 de abril – 24 de mayo de 2019.
Recepción: sábado 4 de mayo, de 2:00 a 4:00 pm.
Artista: Jennifer Lugris

Las pinturas de Jennifer Lugris exploran la identidad en términos de fallas, fisuras y puntos de presión. Lugris creció en una casa donde se comía asado con kimchi, y donde las cenas incluían conversaciones en inglés, castellano, coreano y abecés gallego. Nacida de inmigrantes con raíces en Corea del Norte, Corea del Sur, Argentina, España y Uruguay, Lugris aprecia enormemente las oportunidades que ha aprovechado como hija multicultural. Ella lo expresa a través de sus pinturas que capturan y celebran momentos intimas en su vida.

La exposición de Lugris, Siempre Estaré A Tu Lado, incluye una nueva serie de retratos de ella, su marido, y su futura hija que nascerá pronto. Estos retratos incorporan múltiples paneles que están intensamente fracturados representando reflexiones personales sobre el crecimiento de su familia, nuevas identidades, y interconexión.

Siempre Estaré A Tu Lado es la exposición seleccionada para la Exposición Proposición de 2019.

Imagen: Jennifer Lugris, El Rey, 2018, Técnica mixta sobre lienzo

Richmond Creates! The 7th Annual Art in the Community Show

Richmond Creates! brings work created in our ‘Art in the Community’ offsite satellite classes to the Richmond Art Center. The artists showing work range from ages 5 to 85 and were participants in 6-10 week art classes held at local schools and community centers. The talented teaching artists facilitating these classes are dedicated to sharing the joy and power of the creative process in service to learning and well-being.

Image: Student of Grace Rosario Perkins, from Mixed Media class at Downer Elementary School

Richmond Crea: El Séptimo Espectáculo Anual de Arte en la Comunidad

Galería: Galería de la Comunidad
Fechas de Exposición: 7 de mayo – 25 de mayo de 2019
Recepción: sábado, 11 de mayo, 12: 30-3pm

Richmond Crea trae el trabajo creado en nuestras clases satelitales ‘Arte en la Comunidad’ al Richmond Art Center. Los artistas que muestran trabajos van desde los 5 a los 85 años y participaron en clases de arte de 6 a 10 semanas en escuelas locales y centros comunitarios. Las talentosas artistas y profesoras que facilitan estas clases están dedicadas a compartir la alegría y el poder del proceso creativo en servicio al aprendizaje y al bienestar.

Imagen: Estudiante de la profesora Grace Rosario Perkins, de la clase de Medios Mixtos en la escuela primaria Downer

54th Annual WCCUSD Student Art Show

Every spring the Richmond Art Center partners with the West Contra Costa Unified School District to present the annual WCCUSD Student Art Show. This teacher-curated show represents the wealth of student artistic talent in the district, as well as best practices in delivering an art-based curriculum. The Richmond Art Center and WCCUSD share an ongoing vision that art education is a crucial component of a thriving and productive society.

The West Contra Costa Unified School District generously sponsors this annual student exhibition.

Participating Schools: De Anza High School, El Cerrito High School, Fred T. Korematsu Middle School, Helms Middle School, Hercules High School, Hercules Middle School, Kennedy High School, Mira Vista Middle School, Pinole Valley High School, Richmond High School, Sylvester Greenwood Academy, Vista High School

Image: Emiko Akiyama Tahara, A Room in the City, 2018. Courtesy of the Artist and Fred T. Korematsu Middle School


See Emaline Lubinger-Chavez’s article The Beautiful Chaos of Art for a student’s perspective on the WCCUSD Student Art Show!


54ª Exposición Anual de Arte de Estudiantes de WCCUSD

Galería: La Galería de la Comunidad y la Galería Occidental
Fechas de Exhibición: 26 de marzo – 24 de abril de 2019
Recepción: martes 16 de abril, de 5 a 7 de la tarde

Cada primavera, el Richmond Art Center se asocia con el Distrito Escolar Unificado de West Contra Costa para presentar la Exposición anual de arte estudiantil de WCCUSD. Este espectáculo curado por maestros representa la riqueza del talento artístico estudiantil en el distrito, así como las mejores prácticas de entregar un plan de estudio basado en el arte. El Richmond Art Center y WCCUSD comparten una visión continua de que la educación artística es un componente crucial de una sociedad próspera y productiva.

El Distrito Escolar Unificado de West Contra Costa patrocina generosamente esta exposición anual de estudiantes.

Escuelas Participantes: De Anza High School, El Cerrito High School, Fred T. Korematsu Middle School, Helms Middle School, Hercules High School, Hercules Middle School, Kennedy High School, Mira Vista Middle School, Pinole Valley High School, Richmond High School, Sylvester Greenwood Academy, Vista High School

Imagen: Emiko Akiyama Tahara, A Room in the City (Una Habitación en la Ciudad), 2018. Cortesía del artista y de la escuela secundaria Fred T. Korematsu

Faces Without Noses

Faces Without Noses

The Visual Laboratory of M. Louise Stanley

For over fifty years, Emeryville artist M. Louise Stanley’s large scale paintings have roamed across themes of classical myths, feminism, art history, travel and current politics. An anchor for Stanley’s formidable creative output is her sketchbooks. As she says, “Sketchbooks are a major part of my process, they define my compulsions!” Faces Without Noses presents a survey of Stanley’s sketchbooks, capturing the skill of her draftsmanship and including her most quintessential subjects. The sketchbooks are accompanied by a selection of Stanley’s paintings demonstrating the development of her ideas from sketchbook to canvas.

An Artist’s Talk with M. Louise Stanley will be held on Saturday, April 6, 1:30pm-2:30pm.

View a concurrent exhibition of M. Louise Stanley’s work on view at Kala Art Institute Ovid Redux: M. Louise Stanley Paints the Classics – from April 16 to May 18, 2019.



Inventing a Narrative

Lulu’s Postcard Collection Comes to the Rescue

Saturday, April 27, 1:00pm-4:30pm

In this workshop Faces Without Noses artist M. Louise Stanley will share her sketchbook and ideas development process, then lead students through an exercise to create their own narrative-driven artwork. Stanley’s extensive postcard collection will be a guide as students learn how to develop a visual laboratory for inventing a narrative. The Richmond Art Center will supply basic materials or students can bring their own. Recommended media: pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, gouache. Water-based media only, no solvent based mediums.

More info and online registration…


Image: M. Louise Stanley, Truncis Naribus (Faces Without Noses), 2014. Courtesy of the Artist


Caras Sin Narices

El laboratorio Visual de M. Louise Stanley

Galería: Galería Sur
Fechas de exhibición: 26 de marzo – 17 de mayo de 2019.
Recepción: sábado, 23 de marzo, 5-7pm.
Artistas: M. Louise Stanley

Durante más de cincuenta años, las pinturas a gran escala de la artista de Emeryville, M. Louise Stanley, han recorrido temas de mitos clásicos, feminismo, historia del arte, viajes y política actual. Un ancla para la formidable salida creativa de Stanley son sus cuadernos de dibujo. Como dice ella, “los cuadernos de bocetos son una parte importante de mi proceso, ¡definen mis compulsiones!” Caras Sin Narices presenta una encuesta de los cuadernos de bocetos de Stanley, capturando la habilidad de dibujar profesionalmente e incluyendo sus materias más importantes. Los cuadernos de bocetos van acompañados de una selección de pinturas de Stanley que demuestran el desarrollo de sus ideas, desde el boceto hasta el lienzo.

La charla de la artista M. Louise Stanley se llevará a cabo el sábado 6 de abril, de 1:30 p.m. a 2:30 p.m.


Inventar una narrativa

La Colección de Postales de Lulu Llega al Rescate

Sábado, 27 de abril, 1:00 pm-4:30pm

En este taller, la artista M. Louise Stanley, de Caras Sin Narices, compartirá su cuaderno de bocetos y el proceso de desarrollo de ideas, y luego guiará a los estudiantes a través de un ejercicio para crear su propia obra de arte basada en narraciones. La extensa colección de tarjetas postales de Stanley será una guía para que los estudiantes aprendan cómo desarrollar un laboratorio visual para inventar una narrativa. El Richmond Art Center suministrará materiales básicos o los estudiantes pueden traer los suyos. Medios recomendados: lápiz, pastel al óleo, acuarela, gouache. Sólo medios a base de agua, no a base de disolventes.

Más información y registro online…

Imagen: M. Louise Stanley, Truncis Naribus (Caras Sin Narices), 2014. Cortesía del artista

Here is the Sea

Here is the Sea brings together artworks that use the ocean and its coasts as a site for investigating the fraught relationship between humans and nature. Richmond is a city with thirty-two miles of shoreline, and through this exhibition visitors to the Richmond Art Center are invited to reflect on what is at stake and what has already been lost in our local maritime environment. The exhibition presents a range of environmental work, from political pieces with critical messages for social action, to works exploring more subtle, personal impulses that shape our relationship to water.

An Artists’ Talk will be held on Saturday, April 6, 11am-12pm.

Image: Jos Sances, Or, the Whale (detail), 2018-19. Courtesy of the Artist. Photo by John Wehrle

Aquí Está El Mar

Galería: Galería Principal
Fechas de la Exhibición: 26 de marzo – 17 de mayo de 2019
Recepción: sábado, 23 de marzo, 5-7pm

Artistas: Stephen Bruce, Christy Chan, Tanja Geis, Marie-Luise Klotz, Richard Lang y Judith Selby Lang, artistas de Love the Bulb, Katie Revilla, Jos Sances, Dimitra Skandali

Aquí Está El Mar reúne obras de arte que utilizan el océano y sus costas como un sitio para investigar la tensa relación entre los humanos y la naturaleza. Richmond es una ciudad con treinta y dos millas de costa y, a través de esta exposición, los visitantes del Richmond Art Center están invitados a reflexionar sobre lo que está en juego y lo que ya se ha perdido en nuestro entorno marítimo local. La exposición presenta una variedad de trabajos ambientales, desde obras de arte políticas con mensajes críticos para la acción social, hasta trabajos que exploran impulsos más sutiles y personales que dan forma a nuestra relación con el agua.

Una charla de artistas se llevará a cabo el sábado 6 de abril, de 11 am a 12 pm.

Imagen: Jos Sances, O, La Ballena (detalle), 2018-19. Cortesía del artista. Foto de John Wehrle

Faces of Richmond

Paintings of people who live and work in our community

This pop-up exhibition brings together the artists of the Richmond Senior Center with “every day” people who live or work in our city. Using a variety of media including watercolor, oil, graphite and pastel, the artists have created sensitive portraits of a diversity of people who generously modeled for the class.

Image: Johanna Denzinger, Maria, 2018. Courtesy of the Artist

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