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You Found Me: A Gift For You

You Found Me: A Gift For You

By Lauren Ari

Richmond-artist and Teaching Artist at Richmond Art Center Lauren Ari created this interactive project, You Found Me: A Gift For You, as a way to stay connected and in creative dialogue with the Richmond Community.

Each of these 50 ceramic sculptures was hand formed by Ari, individually glazed and fired in her kiln in her home studio. Each fits within the palm of the hand, and can be used decoratively or ritually. However recipients chose to use them, “let it be a reminder that nobody is alone” says Lauren.

Wrapped in bright paper with a tag marked “I am a gift for you!” and an enclosed note, these sculptures were then distributed throughout neighborhoods, community centers, local businesses, bodegas, and parks, placed so that someone walking along could find them.

The note invited participants to correspond via email about the experience of finding the object, how they might be using it, and ways they are moving through this unprecedented time.

These colorfully packaged sculptures offer an opportunity for surprise in a time punctuated by monotony and an invitation for connection in a time of widespread isolation.

About the Artist@thelaurenari,

About the ‘Art Lives Here’ Series: When Richmond Art Center’s facility is temporarily closed due to Covid-19, we worked with artists on these projects online and outside (at a safe social distance!) to find new ways to connect and make meaning with community through art.



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