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25th Street Mural Update

Our partnership with RYSE Center to complete a vivid, artistic new mural at our 25th Street entrance is moving right along. Thanks to the Richmond Community Foundation, we received a mini-grant to work with our partner RYSE to completely revamp our mural. Students meet each week for several hours to work on the design they’ve created. We hope to have the project completed in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check it out when you visit the Art Center!

Below is the original artists’ concept, designed by the participants.

RAC_Mural_V1 (1) (1)

“In July of 2016 the Visual Arts team at Ryse Youth Center started an incredible partnership with the Richmond Art Center. The youth started, sketched, planned, and started painting a mural at the entrance of the Richmond Art Center building with “What makes Richmond Beautiful” as the theme. There were many sessions of planning and brainstorming which sparked a lot of dialogue and ideas of how to maintain the cities beauty. The youth are very excited to add a visual voice to their cities landscape and a few of the young artists live across the street from the mural and get to enjoy it from their window. The young artists are taking a lot of pride in the learning process and it has been amazing to see their creative abilities unfold, develop and grow throughout the opportunity.” – Vanessa “Agana” Espinoza

All photos courtesy of Vanessa “Agana” Espinoza, RYSE Center.


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