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March Workshops: Engage Your Creative Process in One Day

One-day workshops are perfect for diving into a new skill or jumpstarting a creative process.  Bring a friend, make a new one. And for our first-time students, apply discount code FA16W for a $5 discount when you register!

March 5: Moon Tools: Primal Creative Process

Are you passionate about a project, an art vision or a new habit? Do you find you don’t quite have the motivation or stamina to get it going, or you are halfway through and lose steam? Maybe you’re almost done but can’t seem to do those last few steps to complete it. This workshop is for anyone at any of these stages.

Register for Moon Tools workshop here.



March 12: Natural Dyeing

Save your avocado pits and weeds from the garden! Learn to produce paints, dyes, prints and more from plant materials.

Register for Natural Dyeing here.




March 26: Cigar Box Diorama

You don’t have to be a child to love to make dioramas. It’s one of those classic projects, where one can capture a perfect moment in time all in miniature.

Register for Cigar Box Diorama here.


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