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Artist Hector Munoz-Guzman Teaches New Class for Youth

Artist Hector Munoz-Guzman Teaches New Class for Youth

We spoke with teaching artist Hector Munoz-Guzman about his artistic development, current projects, and the class he will be teaching at Richmond Art Center this semester. 

As a new teaching artist at Richmond Art Center can you please introduce yourself to our community. 

My name is Hector Munoz-Guzman. I am a painter and mixed media artist, and I’m from South Berkeley.

What has your artistic journey been like?

In high school I studied digital media at The Youth Institute in downtown Berkeley. This program introduced me to a lot of different media: drawing, collage, digital art. I also took IB Studio Art with Kimberley D’Adamo. This is where I really started to think seriously about what art I create and who it is for. The work I created in IB Studio Art got me accepted into Parsons School of Design. I later transferred to RISD [Rhode Island School of Design] where I started focusing on large scale paintings. I continued to make mixed media work as well. 

I was raised by a single mom who was an immigrant from Mexico. So art didn’t seem like a possibility for a career. But I developed a tag – Gold Rust – that’s about finding the beauty from the limitations you have. I take this into my art practice; being resourceful with materials, making something out of my experiences.

Recently I was awarded a Civic Arts Grant from the City of Berkeley. With this award I’m creating a 7 foot by 24 foot mural depicting me and my family growing up in South Berkeley. I want to honor my family and the place that I grew up. 

Artwork by Hector Munoz-Guzman

What other projects are you working on?

My work will be in a number of exhibitions over the next year. I recently did a studio visit with a curator from MACLA [Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana] in San Jose who is going to include three of my paintings in a show there that will open in December. I’m also going to be exhibiting my work in galleries in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2023. 

In the past I have exhibited at Fall River MoCa in Massachusetts and Bureau Gallery in New York. 

What do you like about teaching?

I feel like teachers can be extremely impactful on their students. I’m still in contact with my teachers. They gave me a safe space to feel creative. And I was then granted the opportunity to study at renowned art schools. So I just want to use what I’ve learned and give it back to my community.

Can you tell us about the Mixed Media Illustration class you are teaching at Richmond Art Center this semester? 

It’s a class for youth between the ages of twelve and seventeen. The emphasis of the class is using mixed media for personal expression. I will support students with skill development using different media – crayons, pencils, collage, paint – and help them find media they feel comfortable with. But the main focus of the class will be encouraging students to explore and develop their own narratives, characters and subjects. Students will develop a body of work that is connected to where they come from; that tells their stories and expresses the ideas that are important to them. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the class?

I just want to offer a space for students to feel they are making work that is important to them. That they are making work for themselves first.

Artwork by Hector Munoz-Guzman

Visit Hector Munoz-Guzman’s Instagram account @hectorfmunoz to see more of his work.

Mixed Media Illustration will run on Thursdays, 5pm-7pm starting on October 26 and running through to November 16. CLICK HERE to learn more about the class. (And don’t forget we have needs-based scholarships available!)

Top image: Hector Munoz-Guzman


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