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Derrick Bell

Derrick Bell

About: Cincinnati, Ohio native and Oakland based Fine Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. His work is thought provoking and capable of arousing strong emotions that cut across ethnic, national and generational barriers. The artistic renderings convey a deep sense of emotion, spirituality, dignity, history, strength and grace.

Bell’s works are inspired by his personal journey through life, music, nature and spiritual beliefs that transcend race and creed. Bell’s mission is to impact the world with his creative expressions. It is through this creative energy and passion that he seeks to evoke emotions and motivate the viewer.

The work is vibrant, colorful, and impactful. Bell’s use of shape, color, rhythmic patterns, gossamer line, and brilliant storytelling is striking. Realism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism and Afrocentric iconography is all at play. With the use of geometry, harmonious color compositions and design motifs, he stylistically forges a unique and distinctive statement that has found tremendous resonance with his audience.

Bell says of the work- “The process begins with preparing the paper or canvas with a ground and then applying paint and even metallic leaf to the surface. I begin to transform the surface with sheer layers of glazed color. Numerous layers are later applied to the surface in an additive and subtractive process, either with a brush, rag or scraper. The forms are created in the moment resulting in an expressive alchemy process. This layering process also adds another dimension of depth to the paintings.”

Materially, the work has been a continued exploration of media ranging from drawing, painting, and sculpture to create a sense of abstraction and splendor, which gives Bell a vehicle to explore the history of Black identity both in the United States and in Western art.


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