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Donna Meke’da Bradley

Donna Meke’da Bradley

About: Art for me has always been a vehicle to escape through imagination and creates excitement for me in the process. I was born in Texas, and raised in Gardena Ca, Although I started out as a poet/writer, mentored by the Legendary Watts prophets of Los Angeles, visual art became another way to transcend my written metaphoric thoughts and ideas later in life. After attending Otis College of Art And Design as a sculpture new genres major I began to focused more on visual arts using recycled

The Mixed Media Monotype series, began two years ago when I relocated to Northern ca., unable to bring my artwork from storage in LA here, I gave myself a challenge of creating 100 monotypes. I paint with photo developer, and expired darkroom photo paper. It is an experience of little sight from working in the dark that becomes what is imagined in my mind. The after effects often intrigue me as how the paper reacts on it’s on. After I rinse away the developer with water I am left with a design created this process. This is where I think of a concept relating to what I see, or it’s the catalyst of the next look with applied layers. Often my work begins with a poem I have written, made abstract visually, illusionistic, or surrealistic ideas. Each is unique in design. I use monotype technique for it is important that the design is more of a print, than a painting, for I see more as a photographer. I have recently started using airbrush to add to these designs. I like the flatness it creates, but also it’s ability to create three dimension in form. The interpretations through layers, and what’s visualized by the viewer in the final work is interesting to me.


More info:
The price for the original monotype prints is $650.00 ea.
16″ x20″ or contact me for other print sizes and prices
Image 1 Entitled: The Dawning
Image 2 Entitled: Love Like Nature
Image 3 Entitled: Rebirth
Current Exhibit: ReImagining Our Footprint Abrams Calghorn Gallery Albany Ca. 1/20/21-2/28/21

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