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Escape Artist

Escape Artist

About: Kumi Rauf grew up in a loving Pan-African household filled with music, art, activism, travel and photography. His inspiration for photography stemmed from his father, uncle & brother who are all established photographers. His inspiration for art & travel come from his mother.

After leaving corporate America, Kumi took his first international trip. They say once your mind is stretched by a new idea, it never regains its original dimensions. Kumi traveled extensively throughout Africa and other parts of the world soaking up culture and using his camera as a conduit for telling forgotten stories and forbidden tales of Blackness.

Recently Kumi has begun to document more stories in his own backyard. Oakland has so many beautiful and resilient stories to tell, these must never be forgotten.

In addition to being a photographer Kumi is also a drone pilot. Capturing images and video from an aerial perspective allows more encompassing ideas to take flight in his art (pun intended). Kumi blends his passion for Black cultures, storytelling and traveling in his artwork. He also leads tours to many different places around the world. Because of his love for travel & art he is known as the Escape Artist.


More info: The double exposure piece shown here showcases Huey P. Newton (co-founder of the Black Panther Party) and a nighttime scene in Oakland. Embedded in the image are different themes encompassing various aspects of Blackness.

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