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Ester M. Armstrong

Ester M. Armstrong

About: I realized at a very young age that I had the innate ability to capture visual images through artistic expression. Eventually my parents took notice of my gift and encouraged me to further develop my gift as an artist. My very first technical artistic instruction came in the form of a Christmas gift presented to me by my parents. It was a kit entitled, “Paint by Numbers,” that included oil paint. It was at this point that I fell deeply in love with oil painting, and this is the medium I have chosen to use to express my creative visions ever since. After high school and years of self taught technique, I decided to continue my studies at San Francisco City College and later Merritt College in Oakland where I currently reside.

Although my chosen medium is oil, I continue to experiment with many different styles and subject matters. Over the years, my body of work has expanded to include portrait, still life, landscape, figure, seascape and abstract. Throughout the years I have managed to raise a family and maintain a career in the secular world while nurturing my artistic development. My immense love and passion for art has led me to continue to create throughout all of my life’s challenges. My collection is a work in progress. I continue to experiment and explore different approaches to expressing myself through painting. Where there is life there is art and I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I have enjoyed being the instrument through which it is created.


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