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Genesse McGaugh

Genesse McGaugh

About: Genesse McGaugh is a 1999 graduate of Oakland’s California College of Art. The words “and Craft” had been removed from the name. As a precocious 5 year old, she certainly did her share of craft making, while attending Berkeley Child Art Studio. Though a child with extensive sight impairment, she participated in those Art classes until she was 14 years old. During high school, while the teacher read stories, Genesse loved to doodle figurative sketches while fantasizing about teenage love. Using her artistic talent in this way began to compile into pictorial diaries. She also learned how to paint, draw, create PaperMache and works on wood. Then Genesse had a stint in U. C. Davis’s Art program. She made a choice of learning how to create Linoleum prints. Once she transferred to CCA, she added fabric collage as her media of choice. Because she is legally blind, in order to see what she’s composing, the scale of her Art is usually 30″ x 40″. Her favorite subjects are personalities, food and landscapes.

In memoriam: Genesse McGaugh passed away on May 23, 2024. Her art lives on.

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