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Hilda Robinson

Hilda Robinson

About: My work is simply speaking to the day to day life of Black people in America. It starts with my memory of a childhood in Philadelphia and moves about in the long life I have been blessed to live. Some images are constant, but are familiar to most persons who see my work. I appreciate those who say to me…..”I remember this, or I had a dress like that …..when I was young. Thank you again RAC, for hanging in with us.

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Title image 1. Hallelujah!!!!! 30×30 2021 Oil Pastel On Paper 2500.00

Title image 2 Standing Room 45×45 2019 Oil Pastel On Paper 3000.00

Title image 3 Storefront Church 40×45 2017 Oil Pastel On Paper 3000.00

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