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J. B. Broussard

J. B. Broussard

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John B. Broussard is a second generation native of Oakland California. He started drawing at age 7 after his family moved to a new neighborhood where he did not have any friends with which to play. Broussard describes Art as his “first love” because it provided an avenue through which he could occupy time and fill the void that would otherwise have been consumed playing with other children. One day his mother, the late Maybelle L. Broussard, was surprised to discover him drawing horses. After this discovery she exposed him to art making activities including a ceramics class at Mills College and a painting class at Mosswood Park. Largely self-taught, Broussard took two Special Art Classes at King Jr. High School and another art class at Bishop O’Dowd High School. More extensive exposure to studio art classes came many years later when he attended U.C. Berkeley as an Art major.

Excluding his time at U.C. Berkeley, Broussard’s most prolific art making activity occurred during his youth. There were protracted periods of time when he did very little art or none throughout his adult life. He had succumbed to the pressures of the work world which was generally not art related and very consuming. In 2018 Broussard retired from the field of education and then became immersed in doing art again. He is pleased to be able to participate in the Art of the African Diaspora this year as he continues art projects.


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Frederick Douglass, Indigenous and The General (Harriet Tubman) sculptures are available for casting options (e.g. plaster, resin, and or bronze).

The General is the largest of the three busts measuring 24″h X 10.5″w X 12″d. (Note: A current photograph will become available after the mold is complete.)

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