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JaeMe Bereal

JaeMe Bereal

About: This era of disillusionment with our leaders and our country has inspired what I consider to be my biological imperative to practice art. My art tells stories, with my narratives, political cartoons and portraits to help people feel more connected and grounded in reality. Many people in urban communities don’t often follow the continuity of events and political processes around them. One of the goals of my art is to offer a bit of substance and background, and bring people closer to issues and circumstances that affect us all. 

Music, people and politics are integral aspects of my art, sources for precious bits and ideas which I incorporate into my work. Music elicits deep graphic visuals, politics and social change present constant challenges, and people’s faces are multi-colored landscapes full of rich experiences. I blend all this with our history, events and happenings from years gone by that are never really gone from us. I am flooded with a wealth of multicultural inspirations, and this is what I bring to my art. 

Aware that role models are in short supply in my cultural world, I see myself as an individual who uses her work to reach across boundaries, both race and societal, in order to give back power to those who feel marginalized and somehow short-changed. By creating art from an all-inclusive perspective, regularly featuring and focusing on people of color, my hope is that empowered individuals will find personal value in my work. 


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