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Janet Barnes

Janet Barnes

About: Dinnertime Series

When I’m creating a Dinnertime piece I am recording a “family memory”. The colors I use are brilliant and positive. This series of artworks are created with the most passion. Every fast pace stroke with the oil pastel has so much meaning/memory. The white areas are always paintef with acrylic paint; This way the white paint against the pastel shows very crisp. Very crisp to me means “Of Importance”. A family’s Dinnertime together is the positive foundation of everything good. As my sister would say “It’s where it all starts”.

Delicious food lures families and friends to the table; however, it is the social connection that is everlasting. Dinnertime gave you your first sense of belonging. Conversation from parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles provides oral history that will be passed down generation after generation.


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“Dinnertime At MoAD”
(Dinnertime Series)
Mixed Media, 22” x 28” framed

“Playoff Day”
(Dinnertime Series)
Mixed Media, 28″x 22″ framed

(Dinnertime Series)
Mixed Media, 28″x22″ framed

Janet Barnes

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