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karin turner – karinsArt

karin turner – karinsArt

About: My ART is all about JOY! Having it , Getting it, Feeling it, Sharing it!
My artwork is a vehicle that conveys positive messages that requires introspection rather than an outward revolution.

My JOYful images feature a self biographical woman with natural hair, curves & watermelon. I use bright colors, feminine beauty and strength. Combined with suggestive titles and words, they urge the viewer to BE in their own Life..! The watermelon is a metaphor for Life! Some days are good- really good…some not…But we have to actively participate in our lives to Live Abundantly. Crack Open the Melon!

Now more than ever, there is a universal need for this abundantly buoyant practice of JOY… Particularly amongst people of color.

I take My Joy seriously, Yours too!


More info: Dear Luscious One, Thanks for viewing my Art!
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