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Kimberly Virginia Johnson

Kimberly Virginia Johnson

About: I am an Oakland artist who believes that art exists to bring forth one’s internal beliefs and concepts. Finding ways to interpret one’s beliefs, concepts and ideas should never be limited to one medium. Each art piece creates an extension of love, fearlessness and a little trepidation.  Trepidation that one’s concept might not be actualized in the complete form from the artiste’s mind’s eye. When a viewer stops to reflects on the images created it is important that they see a window that is open and inviting. The desire is that the viewer looks inside and walks away with a sense of the emotions that brought forth the creation.


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  1. Paste and charcoal on paper, 20″ x 24″, “Black Panther William Lee Brent”
  2. Pastel on Paper, 20″ x 18″, “Denise”
  3. Charcoal on Paper, 20″ x 16″, “Winter is Coming”

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