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About: I am a ceramic sculptural artist. I use African history to bring visual images to my art. I also have studied other cultures history to complete my art form. Using the human form is my key to these replications. At times I want movement to my art, I use dancers bodies, to show the strength and integrity of the people I may just use the torso and head.

With African features there are so many ways to show them. They are so expressive and those of African descent I hope can relate to the clay sculptures by seeing themselves or others in them. The hair is always combed in ways to show the texture of it, the lips and nose are full and very sensual. The skin coloring rich with the colors of the earth.


More info: In a virtual show my sculptures are show as flat pictures 2D images verses 3D in the round. So the pictures are for sale which make beautiful wall hangings which go with any décor or mood of a space.

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