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Olubori Babaoye

Olubori Babaoye

About: Greetings! My name is Olubori Babaoye and I am a Nigerian-American multifaceted artist from Oakland, CA. Throughout my elementary years, I drew on the playground with chalk during recess and even sketched on my homework assignments. That was when I was introduced to the Oakland School for the Arts where I studied Visual Arts. My time there allowed my creativity to manifest into something remarkable. As a Nigerian-American artist, I feel that it’s my responsibility to commentate on the various socio-economic and political conundrums taking place today in both America and Nigeria. Being that I was raised in a Nigerian household, it’s inevitable that I’ve established such a powerful connection with my homeland. I’ve continuously strived to perfect my craft not only as a classical painter, but also a digital illustrator, Sip & Paint instructor, as well as a live performer/painter. I’ve come to realize the true power that I have as a creative to heal and inspire those around me. On that note, one of my major goals as an artist and active member of my community is to one day establish my own youth center that gives children throughout the Bay Area the resources to blossom creatively. Also being a Graphic Design major, I want to utilize my degree to not only land a steady paying job, but to also use my talents as a tool to establish my own lifestyle brand. Eventually, I hope to get to the point where I can travel, dive into other fields of art, collaborate with other artists and touch the world through my work.


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