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ELP Closing Reception Ft The Great Tortilla Conspiracy

Closing Reception Featuring The Great Tortilla Conspiracy

Saturday, August 20, 12pm-2pm

Richmond Art Center, 2540 Barrett Avenue, Richmond, CA


A closing reception for the exhibition Artist of Conscience featuring edible art inspired by Emmy Lou Packard!

About the Great Tortilla Conspiracy: The Great Tortilla Conspiracy is a collective based on edible artwork. After much experimentation and technological developments the Conspirators developed a secret recipe that has been called delicious by many a quesadilla acolyte. The edible artwork produced by the Conspiracy is screen printed on tortillas and cooked on a griddle so that the image is affixed to the substrate. Simultaneously cheese is melted on the reverse side. Salsa is optional. The art consumer can both eat and enjoy the aesthetic sensation that is the Great Tortilla Conspiracy. 

Top image: Artwork design by the Great Tortilla Conspiracy

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