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Submit Satellite Exhibition and Special Event info here:

Are you planning any special events to be held in conjunction with the Art of the African Diaspora exhibition (open studio videos/events, artist talks, satellite exhibitions etc)? Let us know so we can add this information to your Artist Listing! Please use the above form to update your Artist Listing with special event information. 


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Workshop Series

Call for Teaching Artists / Artists Who Teach! 
Paid opportunity to teach an online workshop for Richmond Art Center as part of Art of the African Diaspora.
Art of the African Diaspora and Richmond Art Center are looking for artists to teach workshops that highlight new media, techniques and approaches to art. In the spirit of skill-sharing and building a creative community, these workshops will be offered free to other AOTAD artists and the public. 
Teaching Artist fee: Artists will be paid $250 per workshop
How it will work: We would like to present at least three workshops by three different artists in this series. Each workshop should be 1 1/2 to 2 hours long and be scheduled to happen during Spring 2021. Richmond Art Center staff will provide curriculum development assistance as needed, zoom facilitation, and a teaching artist fee.
How to apply: If you are interested in teaching an AOTAD workshop (or in future teaching opportunities at Richmond Art Center) please complete this short online form so we can learn a bit about your teaching experience and idea for a workshop. 
Deadline to complete the form: Monday, March 1, 2021

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