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Picasso Self-Portraits

Create Self-Portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso!

Category: Mix media painting and drawing

Materials: Common drawing or painting media can be used. We recommend watercolor paint and crayons or oil pastels. You will also need paper, a sketching pencil and an eraser.

Note: Crayon can be used to trace and color select areas as well as add shapes to your background. The crayon will resist the watercolor, like a barrier, allowing you to do different colors on different areas without mixing. But mixing is fun too. Enjoy!

Inspiration for your self-portrait:
Look at portraits by Pablo Picasso and discuss what you see! View more of Picasso’s self-portraits here.
– What do you notice?
– What colors do you see?
– What shapes do you see?
– How are later works different from his early works?
– How does does these works make you feel?


Step 1:

In pencil, draw your head, any shape will work. You can use a mirror or draw from your imagination.

Step 2:

Add your facial features, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Try to use shapes you noticed in your discussion.

Step 3:

Add your hair. What lines can you use to look like hair?

Step 4:

Add color, drawing lines and filling shapes in parts of the face, hair and background.

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Teaching Artist: Jocelyn Jones

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